Christmas Albums

Now that it is November numerous artists have begun to release their Christmas Albums.  One specific album that was released on Nov. 5 is Punk Goes Christmas from the Punk Goes… series from Fearless Records.

The album is a compilation has most of the various pop punk bands writing their own Christmas songs contrary to the usual covers the Punk Goes albums have.  There are only two songs on the album that are covers of Christmas songs, and only one of them is a classic.

The album’s track list is:

1. New Found Glory – Nothing For Christmas
2. All Time Low – Fool’s Holiday
3. Real Friends – I Had A Heart
4. Man Overboard – Father Christmas
5. The Summer Set – This Christmas
6. Crown The Empire – There Will Be No Christmas
7. Yellowcard – Christmas Lights
8. Issues – Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (cover of the N’sync song)
9. Jason Lancaster (of Go Radio) – All I Can Give You
10. Set It Off – This Christmas Day (I’ll Burn It To The Ground)
11. The Ready Set – I Don’t Wanna Spend Another Christmas Without You
12. William Beckett – Do You Hear What I Hear?


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