Liberal Arts Education Requires General Education

Sitting in a General Education course often seems to be a chore these days.

As a student at a Liberal Arts college our education is designed specifically to be well-rounded, where we take classes in many different areas.

Particularly, in the larger Gen-Ed’s there are many students who constantly complain about how they should not have to take the class, because it has nothing to do with their major, and the subject itself is pointless to them.

All Gen-Ed’s have a purpose for why you have to take them no matter how much you think they have nothing to do with you.

Many of the classes can relate back to your major in some way, even if you do have to look a little deeper in the curriculum.  For instance, a Statistics course is required of most students and surprisingly enough statistics are in fact found in most careers.

Furthermore, some teach us even more than what we will be doing with our career, but our lives as a whole. They make us more well-rounded people in the world with a greater knowledge of the world around us. Such as classes like East Meets West, this is a class on philosophies in our lives and how it relates to you.

It is understandable to hear complaints in classes like Arts and Music that are not held in a classroom, and instead it is held in a rehearsal room that feels like a large closet.  Having a class with no desks in a lecture style class makes it incredibly hard to take notes and concentrate on the subject matter.

This does not give anyone the right to completely discard the class however, taking advantage of the 80 students to one Professor Ratio and fool around in the back of the class disturbing the other students who are attempting to pay attention and take notes to the best of their ability.

As college students it is up to us to see the value of the knowledge that is simply handed to us; it is our job to use that knowledge to better ourselves and the world around us.


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