Camp NanoWrimo

Hello There!

Tomorrow is the start of a journey.

Does that seem a little enigmatic?  Well that was kind of the point I suppose.  Trying to get back to that writer mode.  


Technically, in just about an hour will be the start of this year’s July session of NanoWrimo.  For those who do not know NanoWrimo stands for National Writing Month, and a few years ago they started doing extra months.  One session in April, and one in July.  The April session used to belong to Script Frenzy, but the original event has now been discontinued.

During these extra sessions you can decide upon your own writing goal, like during the Young Writers Program, as opposed to the original National Writing Month goal of 50,000 words.

This past November I actually completed my 50,000 word goal during NanoWrimo, though I will admit it was with a little bit of cheating using some previous work and overwriting, but hay I did it.  The story I worked on has been swirling in my head for years, and it is still by no means even close to finished yet.  I will not be using this story for Camp NanoWrimo, though.

I have decided to go into this year’s July blind, no outlines, no plot, no pre-planned characters, just write.  My original goal will be 10,000 words, however if I seem to be doing much better I can always raise it to a higher goal.

Wish me luck, and I will keep you updated with how I am doing.


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