Staying Single in College, Pros/Cons

It is that time of year when we find ourselves commenting on many of the freshmen rushing into relationships.  It may work for some, so don’t go getting defensive, however freshmen relationships tend to not work out for most.

Now, it may seem like the most important thing to get into a relationship right now, non-freshman included.  We go to college to find “the one” right? Not exactly, you came to get an education and make some great connections.

These are your college years, which will arguably be some of the best years of your life.  During the next four years, for some maybe five, you will make friends for life and make memories you will never forget.

This does not mean in order for college to all be worth it you need to be getting married immediately after graduation, even though that is the path many people seem to take.  You certainly do not need to start dating immediately in order to be happy.

During your time here it is your chance to really discover who you are as a person.  If you haven’t found this out yet, you are going to change so much during college.  You won’t even recognize your freshman self when you reach senior year.

If you rush into a relationship now you will feel like you can’t grow and change as a person.  Trust me, I’ve been there.  I felt as though they wouldn’t like me anymore if I showed them the parts of my personality that already started to change.

When you get into a relationship you are not ready for it can put you in a box that is very difficult to get out of.  At our age we need to be as free as possible in order to discover what we really want and who we will become.

At this point in your life it is best to stay single.


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