Living that Studio Life: Apartment Tour

You may be surprised to learn that I live in a studio apartment.

I moved into my studio at the end of April after a whole lot of unexpected life stuff, which I won’t get into. But, at the time it was about my only option. It has actually been pretty great so far, shattering my expectations for my tiny space.

Which has lead us here. I want to share my studio apartment experience with you. I signed a year lease so, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

Today, I want to give you a little tour of my apartment, because I will refer to it constantly in future posts about studios

Wait, What is a Studio?

A studio apartment is a one-room apartment. They usually have a full separate bathroom and a kitchenette. Kitchen areas and bathrooms can widely vary. Sizes of studios main rooms can also vary.

They are usually more affordable than one-bedroom apartments.  Studios are a great alternative in cities where rent is really expensive and you don’t have or want roommates.

The Bathroom


It has a toilet, a sink cabinet, medicine cabinet, and a full shower and tub. There are also towel racks and hooks.  However, as you can see there isn’t much room, everything is right on top of each other.

I would like to get a shelf or something to put more bath towels, but I’m not sure where exactly that would go. There’s no room!

While the space isn’t large, the tub surprisingly is. It’s probably the deepest tub I’ve ever had, which is prime for bath taking and lush products. I did have to buy my own tub stopper but, it was totally worth it.

The Kitchen

My kitchen is a little interesting.



I have 3/4 fridge and freezer, a full stove and oven, a giant sink, and some cabinets. Oh, and zero counter space. This does make cooking and doing the dishes difficult.

I plan to add a counter space solution soon. Like this one from Ikea.


Even with limited space, I still try to keep from fridge relatively stocked and cook for myself. Look forward to posts about my cooking adventures in upcoming posts!

The Main Room

I have subdivided the main area as best I could. So, within steps of each other is my dining room, bedroom, and living room areas.


My headboard doubles as a bookcase and a separation from the kitchen.  Having my bed against the wall leaves as much room as possible in the rest of the space. Both of these are from Wayfair, but it looks like they don’t sell my mattress anymore.


My dining table is from IKEA, and it’s pretty awesome! It folds down to save tons of space, and when completely folded out it gets decently large. It also has six drawers, perfect for all the stuff you don’t know what else to do with. Unless you’re more organized than me and can think of a better plan, do let me know.


The chairs are also from IKEA and are stackable. I only have two at the moment. I would like to get some folding chairs that I can just pull out when I need them.


My living room set up is pretty simple. I have a nice little alcove that is the perfect size to fit my tv, so naturally, that’s where it went.


Instead of a traditional entertainment stand, I’m using just your basic bookshelf from Walmart. On the bookshelf I have my Xbox, games, my PS2, my cable box, and some board games. The smaller shelf next to it holds my PS3, my giant router/modem, more games, and movies.

This set-up works pretty well; I can see the tv from just about anywhere in the apartment.


Instead of a couch I will either just lay in bed, or use one of my two comfier folding chairs.  I’ve thought about getting a small couch, but it just happened yet.

Closet Space

Of course, closet space needs it’s own dedicated space. I have two closets and they are completely different sizes.

I primarily use the larger one, kinda obvious. This is where I keep all of my clothes, shoes (except the ones I regularly wear those are by the door), some boxes, my hamper, suitcases, and out of season stuff.


The smaller closet I actually haven’t fully utilized yet. I think I’ll mostly be using it for coats and cleaning supplies.

Wrapping it up

That about wraps up this apartment tour, if I missed anything you’re curious about do leave a comment below. Living in a studio apartment is a whole new adventure and I’m enjoying it so far.

If you’re interested in future posts in this series follow my blog and you’ll be notified.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed!




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